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Building a Brighter Future Small Business Grant Program

  1. I. Business Information
  2. II. Project Information
  3. For Capital Improvement Projects ONLY

    These are additional documents required to be uploaded:

    1. Two (2) proposals for the work by licensed contractors, both must be uniform in scope or “apples to apples.” Estimates for work may also be accepted. If awarded, two comparable proposals will be required to be collected and shown prior to the project starting. Contractor shall provide certificate of insurance.

    2. Proof of ownership or a letter from the property owner(s) with stated project support 

  4. For Operating Projects ONLY

    These are additional documents required to be uploaded:

    1. Detailed summary of proposed expansion of services/hours including: 

    a. Objective of the expansion/Business Plan 

    b. If it includes hiring additional staff/employees

    c. Marketing Plan to promote and support the expansion 

    d. Total projected monthly cost for expansion 

    2. If requesting first month’s rent reimbursement, copy of lease agreement.

  5. List the total project amount per the proposal you wish to go with. The Town will be looking to fund 50% of this listed amount.

  6. Please choose one of the contractors from the estimates that you provided.

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