Building Permits

Site Plan Approval - First Step

Once you have obtained final site plan approval (subdivisions require another step) from the Planning Commission, you may apply for permits associated with building and site excavation. Subdivision plans must have the final plat recorded prior to applying for permits.

Carroll County Conducts Process

With the exception of permits for signs, fences, and zoning certificates, the Town of Mount Airy has transferred its permits processes to the Carroll County Bureau of Permits and Inspections.

1. Application Process

All building permit processes begin at the County Permits Department located at:
225 North Center Street
Room 118
Westminster, MD 21157

For specific permit requirements please contact their office at 888-302-8912 or 410-386-2674 or visit the County's website. These permit procedures apply to all properties located within the incorporated Town Limits, including those properties located in Frederick County.

2. Fees

In addition to the County Permitting fees, there are fees payable to the Town associated with Building Permits. Please see the fee worksheet (PDF) to help determine the individual cost of your project.

The Town will advise the permit applicant of the applicable fees due shortly after received the building permit application from the County. Fees must be paid in order for the Zoning Administrator to approve any permit application.

3. Town Review & Approval

Once a permit application is received at the County for construction occurring in the Town limits, the County faxes a copy of the completed building permit application to the Town's Zoning Department. Upon receipt of the application, the Town's Planning and Zoning Department will review the following criteria for compliance to the Town's Zoning Code and obtain the necessary approval signatures prior to faxing the application approval back to Carroll County:
  • Building dimensions on the permit application coincides with the building delineated on final approved site plan.
  • The proposed use of the building and/or tenant space(s) is compatible with the listed uses on the site plan as well as overall zoning regulations.
  • The Public Works Agreement (PWA) has been approved by the Town Council and all monies, bonding, or letter of credit have been posted and verified for legal sufficiency by the Town's attorney.
  • Town of Mount Airy Zoning Fees are paid.
  • Zoning Administrator signature has been received (Zoning Administrator will not sign off on permit application until all of the above have been verified).

4. Inspections

Inspections for the various phases of construction of the building should be coordinated with the County Permits Department. The County will provide you with pertinent information upon the issuance of the building permit.

However, the Town requires that the following inspections are completed.

Public Walks/Curb/Gutter/Aprons
The Town's site inspector will inspect all public walks, gutters, curb and aprons to ensure compliance to the Town's Standard Specifications and Details. Please note that this inspection is to be completed prior to the pour of any cement. Please contact the Permits Coordinator at 301-829-1424 by 4 p.m. to schedule these inspections for the next business day.

Water and Sanitary Sewer Connections

New construction on a vacant parcel of land will require connection to the Town's Public Water and Sewer System. The connection, or tap, to the Town's main water line will need to be inspected. Please note the Town has Standard Specifications and Details that outline the materials and the manner in which all connections must be installed. The Town site inspector will ensure that all connections meet Town Standards. To arrange an inspection, please call the permits coordinator at 301-829-1424 by 4 p.m. to schedule these inspections for the next business day.

Final Water and Sewer Inspection

Prior to receiving your Use and Occupancy you will be required to obtain final water and sewer inspection from the Department of Public Works. Your plumbing contractor is responsible for property installing the water meter furnished by the Town. During your final inspection the Public Works Department will record the meter number and ensure its proper function. Failure to obtain this final inspection will result in the delay of your use and occupancy. To schedule this inspection please contact the permits coordinator at 301-829-1424 by 4 p.m. to schedule a next day inspection.