Town Parks

East West Park

– 1115 Prospect Road Playground, ball fields, picnic, nature trails 20.5 acres

Prospect Park

– 107 Prospect Road Picnic Pavilion, street hockey, playground, basketball, fishing pond Large pavilion with 14 picnic tables, grill and public drinking fountain 12 acres

Summit Ridge Park

 – 701 Buffalo Road Playground with horse shoe pit and volleyball court Football/baseball/softball and soccer field 27 acres

Twin Arch Park

– 1903 Back Acre Circle Regulation soccer field

Twin Ridge Fields

– 1017 Park Ridge Drive Ball fields, soccer 8 acres

Vest Pocket Park

– 317 North Main Street Relaxation

Village Gate Park

– 802 Prospect Road Playground, tennis courts, soccer field 18 acres

Watkins Park

– 615 Center Street, pavilion, ball fields, playground, tennis, trail, gazebo 20 acres Small gazebo

Wildwood Park

– 400 Park Avenue Walk, relax, play, nature 2.3 acres

Windy Ridge Park

 – 88 acres, access via East West Park