Street Road Closure

Street closures happen from time to time in the Town of Mount Airy. If you are planning a festival downtown, please fill out the Mt Airy Main Street Special Events Form. Additionally, visit the State Highway Administration website for information on Special Events held on Maryland Highways.

If you are coordinating a block party or need to close a road for a different event or reason, please use the town's Street Closing Request Form. Please note with this form approval from the Council is needed. Signatures of all property owners of affected streets approving of the event must be received, including the Mount Airy Police Department. All information should be returned to the Town Clerk at Town Hall 45 days prior to the event. The request will be reviewed at the next Town Council meeting (1st Monday of every month) and the requesting party will be notified if the event is approved or denied. You may wish to be present at the Council meeting to answer any questions. 

Process the form to request permission for closing MD 808/Main Street or another town road for special events: