Welcome to the Town's site for all efforts on Updating the 2013 Master Plan and drafting the 2023 Master Plan 


1. Who is responsible in the Town for updating the Master Plan?

ANS: The Town Zoning Administrator, in coordination with the Planning Commission, is the Lead for updating the Master Plan.

2. Who approves the Master Plan?

ANS: The Town Council approves the Master Plan. 

3. Who reviews the Draft Master Plan before Council review and approval?

ANS: Prior to Council review/approval, the Draft Master Plan is reviewed by Carroll County, Frederick County, the State Department of Planning and the Public. 

4. How often is the Master Plan updated?

ANS: Every 10 years. 

5. When is the 2023 Master Plan scheduled to be completed and approved by the Town Council?

ANS: The work schedule to build the 2023 Master Plan is available by selecting the link below entitled, "2023 Master Plan Workflow." The current schedule aims to have the Draft Master Plan delivered to the Town Council in late September, 2024, with the goal to have their edits and approval by November, 2024.

Current 2013 Master Plan Draft Chapters 2023 Master Plan

2023 Master Plan Workflow Public Comment Form