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Fence Construction Permit

  1. 110 South Main Street
    P.O. Box 50
    Mount Airy, MD 21771

    Phone: 301-829-1424
    Fax: 301-829-1259
  2. Miss Utility Contacted*
  3. Information Needed to Process: (Miss Utility 1-800-257-7777)
    Site Plan with fence location designated, Easement agreement on reverse

    Payment: $15.00
  4. Agreement
    I/We are aware of the fencing regulations for the Town of Mount Airy as stated below and will construct fence according to regulations of Ordinance 2003-5.

    A. Permit Required: A permit shall be obtained prior to the construction of a fence in residential zones.
    B. Front Yard Area Regulations: Fences up to 42 inches in height are permitted in front yard areas on the front lot line and side lot lines, but shall not be closer than 12 inches to any existing or planned sidewalk location. Fences shall be designed to permit visibility through the fence, and shall be no more than 50% Opaque.
    C. Side and Rear Yard Regulations: In side and rear yard areas, fences may be located on the side and rear of lot lines. The fence material shall be no more than 6 feet in height, and maybe 100% opaque to provide for privacy. Installed, the fence shall not exceed 6 feet 6 inches in height.
    D. Setback from Driveways: Fences shall be no closer than 5 feet to the edge of the pavement of a driveway.
    E. Homeowner Associations: It is the homeowner’s responsibility to have their fence approved by their Homeowners Association where applicable. A permit from the town does not negate a homeowners' association’s covenants and/or restrictions.
  5. Site Plan
    A site plan must be submitted indicating where the fence will be located. Please show in a color OTHER than black or blue. For example, red, green, etc.
  6. Easement Agreement
    Easement agreement on reverse must be signed for all fence permits.
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